What is your policy on concussions?

In the event of a camper sustaining a suspected concussion the coaches will remove them from the snow immediately. If the symptoms of a concussion do persist, the camper will have a minimum of three days off snow recovery. If there is any loss of consciousness/sustained symptoms the camper will be taken to the nearest medical centre for testing.

What will happen in the event of an injury?

Like most action sports, there is always the inherent risk of injury when snowboarding. All resorts we will be riding at have fully qualified ski patrollers and medical staff who will assist the camper in the event of an injury. We aim to notify parents as soon as possible if an injury occurs and will be on hand to travel with the camper to the nearest medical centre. It's an absolute must that all campers have travel insurance covering them for snowboarding as overseas medical treatment can be  very expensive. If the camper sustains an injury that will sideline them for longer than 2 weeks then we recommend that you make the necessary arrangements for them to travel back home. Any minor injuries will see the camper have an appropriate rest period at home before being allowed back on snow. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds due to injury.

What kind of safety precautions do you take?

Our staff are well briefed on our operating procedures and we ensure that all campers are well aware of mountain rules and regulations at the start of and throughout the program. Warm ups and stretching are an integral part of our daily program that we expect all campers to take part in. This is to reduce the risk of injury and to maintain longevity for all athletes throughout the camp. Flips, spins and inverts are only allowed once a camper has displayed the appropriate air awareness and ability on a trampoline. Staff will make sure that all athletes are fully supervised both while riding and during our activities off snow. Helmets are also mandatory.