What will be the travel arrangements for each camp?

Campers will need to book their own flights for travel to each camp (booking earlier will often be a lot cheaper). We aim to get everyone on the same flight for easy organisation. 

Do I need a special visa for any of the camps?

Some of the camps will require you to apply for a visa prior to entering the country ie. Canada and the USA. Our staff are happy to guide you through this process and will keep you informed about key application dates prior to travel.

How much spending money will I need for travel days?

We recommend a small amount of cash/pre-loaded spending card ($50-$70) per travel day. This is so that campers can purchase snacks, meals, magazines and anything else that will make their flying experience more comfortable.

What do I do if my flights are delayed to camp?

A staff member will always be on hand to meet any campers regardless of their arrival time. If your flights are delayed and you arrive late at night with no transport options available, you may have to cover the cost of additional accommodation for your child.