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My name is Ryan Tiene and I'm an ex profession snowboarder and now Turn & Burn head coach and director. As you are all aware it's looking highly unlikely any of us will be traveling overseas is 2021.  This lead me to start thinking about what we can do to make us better athletes without being on snow. Thats when the Readiness Camp came to life.


I thought about my career and what set me above the rest, I came to the conclusion that it was my mental game over my snowboarding. Of course, the way I rode was a huge part but there are plenty of amazing snowboarders out there that didn't break through and thats what we will be tapping into during the readiness camp. If we can't work on our skills on snow how can we improve? We can work on our mental strength and readiness! There is some truly amazing athletes out there and whats sets the 0.01% of them apart is whats between the ears and their mental and physical preparation.


Nam Baldwin has worked with some of the best athletes in the world including our very own Chumpy! Nam will be joining us a guest speaker on day one to run us through some drills and have a chat with us about how powerful readiness can be.

Cooper Chapman surfing pro and creator of The Good Human Factory will be joining us on our surf day. Cooper will be helping the kids to surf along with giving a mental health work shop. 

Cory Teunessin world champion wakeboarder has kindly offered to drop two boats into the tweed river and to teach us how to wakeboard! 

David Parr from Snow Australia will be joining us as our Trampoline coach we have organised 5 sessions at Surfing Australia high performance centre.

Myself (Ryan Tiene) Will be doing a talk on fear and how it can effect our performance if not properly managed.

We are also excited about the opportunity of working with Snow Australia on this camp and shining light on the importance of a good mental game!


Each day we will be debriefing back at Surfing Australia were we will be looking back on the day and the challenges, we will then break it down into three key pillars;


- Highlight

- Hardship

- Lesson learnt

What we will be getting up to;

-Day one; Elevation Fitness/HPC
Here we will put our mental and physical training to the test. With elevations unique high altitude training facility. Nam will be joining us on day one to run us through some games and skills and chat to us about the power of readiness.

-Day two; Mystery day, We have left this day open but rest assure we have plenty of options but will depend on border openings. Afternoon by Ryan Tiene - Fear and how it effects us.

-Day three; High performance centre for surfing. Here we will train on the trampolines/airbags and take on surfing with some of Australia's best surf coaches. This day we will also be hanging out with Cooper Chapman and he will be presenting his mental health workshop.

-Day four; We will be up bright and early for this one as we head to the Tweed river where world champ wakeboarder Cory Teunessin will be teaching us how to wakeboard!

-Day five; Beach run/swim followed by yoga.

Each day we also have a trampoline session booked.

Where we are staying;

We are blessed with the opportunity of running this camp at the Surfing Australia high performance centre this world class facility is a sight to be seen! With accommodation built into the building there will never be a dull moment. See images below;


Dates; 613th - 18th December 2021

Cost $1850 + GST

Hit the chat box on the bottom right of the page to get in touch and secure your spot today!

Or email / call us - 0431622833